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Powerplus has its own after sales service. You can always contact them if you have questions. We ask you to first read our FAQ before contacting us. You will find the answers to many questions.

All our Powerplus units are carefully monitored and subjected to strict quality control. If you still might have difficulties with one of our devices you can use our repair service. For more technical information please contact the technical department: +32 (0)3 292 92 90.


If you would like to have a tool repaired, you can just bring it back to your dealer. Do not forget to bring your receipt if you are entitled to warranty. Your dealer will send the machine to our repair service and we will provide a rapid settlement. If the machine is still within warranty, we take all costs (transportation and repair) at our expense.

Opening hours
Monday - Thursday:
8h15 - 12h15 & 12h45 - 16h30

8h15 - 12h15 & 12h45 - 15h30


For more information about spare parts, please contact your dealer.


Powerplus products have a warranty of 2 years. Powerplus X products, always marked with "POWX" have a warranty of 3 years and Powerplus XQ tools are coverd by a 5 year warranty. The conditions can be found when purchasing your product. Also read our warranty policy.


Read our Frequently Asked Questions and find the answers to many questions. If you still have other questions, please feel free to contact us.