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If you wish to return your appliance under warranty, please contact your sales point. Read our warranty policy as well. These conditions are added to the purchased product.

Powerplus (blue line), Powerplus X-serie (yellow) and Powerplus XQ appliances have a standard 2, 3 and 5 year warranty which starts from the date of purchase from the first buyer.

This warranty covers all material defects or production errors with the exclusion of:

  • defective parts subject to normal wear and tear such as bearings, brushes, cables, plugs and accessories such as drills, drill bits, saw blades, etc., 
  • damage or defects resulting from misuse, accidents or modifications and transport. 

We reserve the right to reject any warranty claim where the purchase cannot be verified or where it is clear that the product was not properly maintained (clean air vents, regularly replaced carbon brushes, ...).

Your receipt should be kept as proof of purchase date. Your tools should be returned to your sales point in an acceptable state of cleanliness, in its original plastic case (if applicable to the product) together with your proof of purchase.