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Scarifying keeps your lawn healthy and green
The grass doesn’t have to be greener on the other side. Scarifying your lawn will keep your garden fresh and healthy looking all year round.

In time a thick layer of thatch and moss can suffocate your lawn. Scarifying or aerating will break through that layer and will let your lawn breathe again.

The best time to scarify is when the grass starts to grow again. We recommend scarifying in March or April. Any gaps created can then close up and moss and weed don’t get a chance to come back. If necessary you can scarify a second time at the beginning of autumn (September/October). 

Set the scarifier to the required depth. Attention, if you set the blades too deep, root cutting can occur. For the best results, mow the grass before scarifying. Then move the scarifier up and down the lawn in straight lines. Repeat the process, but in opposite direction. Add some fertiliser and the job is done!