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DIY wooden pallet shelf with coat rack
The DIY ideas with a wooden pallet are truly endless.
A coffee table, a patio bench, a wine rack, a flower box, …
And you don’t have to be a professional to create something spectacular.

Let’s roll up our sleeves and get started!
This tutorial will guide you into making a wooden pallet shelf
with coat racks or hooks.
Wooden pallet
can be found at second hand sites,
(construction) companies, …
for instance: palm sander Powerplus POWX0480.
You can also use sandpaper.
Drill/screwdriver & screws
for instance: drill/screwdriver Powerplus POWX0070LI.
You can also work with hammer and nails.
Wood saw
for instance: reciprocating saw Powerplus POWX0396.
You can also use a jigsaw or a simple hand saw.
Paint spray gun
for instance: paint spray gun Powerplus POWX350.
A simple paint brush will also get the job done.
Coat racks or hooks (two or three)
Knickknacks to decorate the shelf
Step 1: Sawing the wooden pallet at the desired height

We don’t need the entire wooden pallet for our shelf with storage. Saw just above the second plank of the pallet. Don’t throw away the upper part. We’ll be using that in the following two steps where we will close up the back and bottom of the shelf.

Step 2: Shutting the back of the shelf

Take a crowbar and pry out two planks from the part of the pallet we won’t be using anymore. Take a loose plank and screw it to the back of the shelf, between the two other planks.

Step 3: Closing the bottom of the shelf

Now we do the same with the bottom of the shelf. Screw the other loose plank at the bottom to create a storage department.

Step 4: Sanding

Next up: sanding the wooden pallet shelf. You can use sandpaper or work even faster with a sander. Sanding will remove possible splinters, irregularities and stains so you get a smooth surface. This is a necessary step before applying varnish or paint.

Step 5: Drilling holes for the coat racks

Want some coat racks so you can hang up a scarf, jacket, plant, … ? Drill two or three holes, depending on the number of wanted hooks. Don’t attach them yet, we need to varnish first.

Step 6: Varnishing or painting

Obviously you want to enjoy your wooden pallet shelf for as long as possible. It is therefore highly recommended to protect your shelf with a layer of varnish. Do you want to give your creation a different colour first or paint a nice pattern? Don’t let anything stop you to give it a personal touch. Finish off with some varnish. The varnish and paint can be applied with a brush, but a paint spray gun allows you to really cover every corner and edge.

Step 7: Installing the coat racks

It is time to attach the coat racks or hooks to the shelf once the varnish has dried.

And done!

Congratulations, your unique wooden pallet shelf is finished! You can now attach your DIY creation to the wall and start filling and decorating it. Let your inspiration flow and turn it into something fantastic. Enjoy your homemade shelf!