Powerplus offers the proper tool for every
type of handyman. Whether your tool is used occasionally, frequently or intensively,
Powerplus has the right solution with a 
2, 3 or 5 year warranty.

Discover the attractive offer of
electric and garden tools, pumps,
high pressure cleaners, worklights
and pneumatic solutions.

After-sales support

Our sales team is at your service to answer all your questions and an in-house technical team can take care of all necessary repair work.

Sanding roller

This versatile sanding roller allows you to not only sand flat areas, but also smooth edges, curves and irregularities. No need to sand by hand anymore.


Enjoy the fun of do-it-yourself! Discover our DIY tutorials, with step-by-step instructions and images.


Discover our wide range of high-quality accessories for electric tools, handtools and safety products on

Garden Tools 2016

Flip through our garden catalogue to discover the new collection and find useful maintenance tips in our garden calendar.

High pressure cleaner

It’s springtime! Make your terrace, garden furniture, caravan, … shine again thanks to this high pressure cleaner POWXG9008 with a powerful eco motor. Enjoy the outdoors!
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Our blue Powerplus product line offers a variety of DIY electric tools at low-entry prices which allow you to easily and meticulously work your way through every chore. Warranted for 2 years.

The yellow Powerplus X-line includes a complete and contemporary product range of high quality DIY electric tools. This quality is underlined with a 3 year warranty.          
Powerplus XQ presents a range of eXtra Quality power tools covered by a 5 year warranty! All our Powerplus XQ tools are carefully checked and subjected to a strict quality control.

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